Printed Fabric and Digitally Printed Labels

Printed Fabric Labels:
ktcowboyties Sequential numbered
barcode fabric label
Iron-on or Heat seal adhesive
tmsbcdHORSE CENTSenduronaomired naomibkkidsboatiquehdmedallionPlease feel free to contact us for your
label needs.  We will work with you to
help create a label that meets your
particular requirements!sizzzlechic corpusbolsavalhalla Printed on both sides secretsleevescreative
Digitally Printed Labels:
  pll digit Digitally printed die cut label pennybluebirdlatestdawngreenerpupduvall Note:  All designs shown are copyrighted to the licensee or customer. They are here as examples of our workmanship only.

Hang Tags, Stickers, and Decals

wppapervividpaperstephenmooneypapermoderngirlpapermantoothpapermackpaperjoy clear polyhalmartingoldovalpaperelegancepapercorehome mylarblawnockpaperbevingdallpaper3 x 3 folded hang tag inside blank afhangtag Hang Tags can be manufactured
in a wide variety of configurations.
tullehang Four color process printing katyasmWe can make tags to fit your requirements.
Printed on one side v Printed on both sides v Printed and folded
Perforations can be added v Strings can be added
shivareehtdarndoghtbrasaveasoulribbonsht Garment hang tag, Printed both sides–Bottom Perforation for pricing. Loose string provided. sassihtgoodcarmaldhanggraciesdianafrtvividhtalley13hang alley13g alley13bmmmhangtag Note:  All designs shown are copyrighted to the licensee or customer. They are here as examples of our workmanship only.

Deck Labels, Woven or Printed for Furniture, etc.

Woven deck labels can be made with Iron-On/HeatSeal adhesive, Self-Adhesive, or Sew-In application.   kings interiors    jadelarosaoakleighproofwDAVINCIcielo homelisamsmwisemaninteriorsoconnormichellessamuelsonjreneebd Burgundy woven label with metallic gold. Self adhesive deck label.

crestnowellmonjarasrevival Navy and Orange 8″ Long Woven Label pscjclanda33designspreeislandgirllsherillcanetanthonywolfsmtedbloomingdalessmambroseGiannettichristophersmnealeuctrylvgambrosefurnituremantoothcathershomestephenmooneya first impressionsmdebssmcatherinesbrightsmThink Happy-quiltthibaut

Printed Deck Labels:




Printed Satin Acetate Furniture Deck Label ivylanesmELEGANCE Self Adhesive Printed Label davenportproofp   Digitally Printed Self Adhesive
James alexander printed (lge)roughhousesmronaldshaffersmbermangmimichaelsuphaskellimpressionssmmaryevelynsmlord design
 Note:  All designs shown are copyrighted to the licensee or customer. They are here as examples of our workmanship only.

Die Cut and Unique Fabric Labels

BENNALIcarrotdesign spreeDIECUT DOLPHINScalifbur 12″ long Metallic Silver Submariner Dolphins  Die cut to shape and iron on adhesive. sildol Tyvek warning sew in tag tyvekwarning Printed Tyvek tag. Sequentially numbered tyvek tagtyvek White rubberized fabric, self adhesive
4 color process silk screen printed checkfast  Woven Fabric Label, 7 colors, Self Adhesive, Die cut

speedthruNote:  All designs shown are copyrighted to the licensee or customer. They are here as examples of our workmanship only.


Woven Clothing Labels

Silver Lurex Threadlr slur Gold Lurex Threadlr gold lgliamcompoAshlyn
alexrapleyhumidiprobloomingdalessmtennesseesmpalmouniquestitchesgreenlabel Self adhesive label for shoes canvas Iron On urseryjoangilbertlth Green with gold metallic thread talkeetna  We can change Threads during weaving! Minimum order of each variety required. Contact us for more information!rockingAccentique  Metallic gold and black damask weaveharvesthomeglazedragonfly Cloth labels can have self-adhesive backing. demi Clothing labels can be woven in a wide variety of colors. myvarushadetreekingskids Black and white damask weave aumtulllesm Woven label with folded ends stripemost Many thread colors, adhesive backing terrifictotssockns  Damask woven Label, self adhesivesavagedamask Custom Hi Definition Shirt Label, end folds beeGrandmaswhimsysm Folded end hi-definition woven label   mcqueenkidz Self-adhesive woven label jilliwillie Silver Lurex and Gray miriamlurexalpacaonrocks
lollipop Seam allowance, loops, folded ends, Die cut However you need it, We can make it! Centerfold apresfoxsmouhardruppercandada weavingmeleanastarfishkidssaksfurktslollypopparadeflops Satin weave straight cut wildsagemagnogeardbpsmfriphdrsassi Your Designs Professionally woven to add class and style to your products. cuddlemonkeyUHTOWEL Clothing labels can be woven in a wide variety of colors babyobaby Stand out from the crowd with your very own personalized sewn cloth labels.   urban  Manufactured to your needs and specifications. Custom manufacturing uses a variety of materials, including taffeta, damask & satin.  hanna  Center-folded Damask Label.kkcenterfold End folds PUPPY We can produce as few as 500 custom pieces of your design wigglesworth For that special look, your cloth labels can include metallic threads when your custom design calls for it. This design is sewn in metallic silver! stone Self-adhesive woven label dreamstuff  vrcrystal kimconley
We make what you want.
Give us your design for a custom cloth label and let us show you what we can do.
b&b  Different looks can be made from your design for different applications! Sewn-In:HANNAHBANNAH  Personalize your products with our quality labels. End fold shown. minhredminhorrcabububebelrgjoliebububebefolded Custom labels allow for unique use of color in your design kozysak KA Designs uses metallic pink and purple. kadesignsMedal Of Honoreco eversionLady Bug DesignsvrcrystalMetallic Gold ThreadLISETTE Mlionpawjoy4indurancebubu  Metallic Copper Threadfindmesunshine loviecheekzSew Blessed30aYami EscoemerprodsmStudiohomeLuxury8Fluff Planet sample weavegoodjeansellabellaomg swimwearsmChic 2b fitelisesheppardbabybattlerattlesewatseams Note:  All designs shown are copyrighted to the licensee or customer. They are here as examples of our workmanship only.